Everything you need to know about your pet's anal glands

Posted 2021-10-14
Dog anal gland care

Young wife gropped and fucked on. They can also be referred to as anal sacs or scent glands when found in dogs.

What you need to know about anal glands

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Anal gland abscess, infection and swelling

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Anal glands why dogs have them what to do when they're a problem

Squeesing erotic couple make love. The symptoms of anal gland problems are not pretty, and you can be sure youll notice your dogs discomfort soon enough.

Your pet's anal gland health

Small breed dogs seem to have more issues than larger breeds. Your dogs anal glands have an important function.

Anal gland impaction

Oral antibiotics and pain medication are used as well. Inflamed or infected anal glands may become swollen and tender, inhibiting normal passage of the secretions.

How to empty your dog's anal sacs

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Everything you ever wanted to know about anal glands

Home our blog everything you never wanted to know about scooting and anal glands.

Issues and remedies for your dog's anal glands

When you miss the summer check this for the big tits blonde under the sun. Impacted anal sacs can cause the area around the pet's anus to become swollen. When a dog poops, the fluid from the anal gland comes out.

Blocked anal glands in dogs

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