Why are breasts called boobs

Posted 2021-10-14
Overview of the breast

What does it mean when a girl calls their breasts 'boobs'. Who knew guys might subconsciously size up boobs just for their nourishing potential. The numerous theories that attempt to explain why women's breasts are called 'boobs'. Magazines and lingerie adverts would have you believe that breasts should, and often do, look a certain way.

Different boob shapes, types sizes

There is a reason why society is at the highest rate of breast enlargement procedures. Why Are Breasts Called Boobs. How can you improve breast size.

Breast massage

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There are different nine types of boobs and this is what they look like

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Why are women's breasts so soft

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Breast fat necrosis

Have you ever wondered if your boobs were normal. You cant have oooo without boobs.