Sex and the chakra

Posted 2021-10-16
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Your sacral or sexual chakra is positioned close to your muladhara root chakra and acts as your energy storage center. The sex chakra or swadisthana is located at the sacrum.

Sex chakra

A good activation of this chakra makes the person spontaneous, pleasant, charismatic, with an electrifying sex appeal. The first and second chakras are most closely connected to our sex lives.

Sacral chakra gemstone set for healing soul issues around sex and sexuality, creativity, and desire

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Yoga for sex

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Why cleansing your root chakra may help your sex life

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The crazy link between an awesome sex life and your chakra system

As you breath deeply let your hand vibrate so that your cock starts to dance. The sex chakra is very congested and filled with dirty red energy. This is one of the factors why older people tend to become senile.

Sexual transmutation

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Cutting and releasing sexual cords

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Margot anand on sacred sex

Congestion of the sex chakra occurs mostly among the celibate. Enlarged prostate could be caused by congestion or depletion of the sex chakra.

The sex chakra

Youve got no issues with your sex drive and sexuality, and are greatly open to familiarity, you are definitely not shy about anything. Orange is the colour of your sex chakra, which is located above your cock.